Blood Update: This Is How Nicolas Cage Renewed The Character Of His Own Dracula

MOVIE NEWS – Nicolas Cage said it on time: already at the beginning of the filming of Renfield, he revealed that he based his portrayal of Dracula on the legendary performances of the great actor predecessors, Béla Lugosi and Christopher Lee.


Of course, the performance wouldn’t be cagey enough if the Oscar-winning actor only paid tribute to his great role models when he plays an eternal aristocrat roaming the modern environment. Cage said he had known for a long time that he would play Dracula sooner or later, and he already had a concept of the count’s personality early on.

“Building on the work of the great predecessors is a good thing, but it’s even more important to find the deeper psychological drivers of the vampire,” he explained to MovieWeb. – I understand that the irresistible compulsion to suck blood is the same addiction as we are talking about in the case of alcohol, heroin or sex addiction. This destructive desire draws the soul into dark dimensions.”

Dracula is therefore a dependent personality in Cage‘s perception. This harmonizes nicely with the story of Renfield, whose title character is the earl’s assistant (Nicholas Hoult), who wants to end the sick interdependence that has developed between him and his employer. This struggle will then have a large collateral loss.

(Renfield – domestic premiere: April 13, 2003)

Source: UIP

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