Captain America: New World Order: First Photos Of Harrison Ford As An Iconic MCU Character!

MOVIE NEWS – Behind-the-scenes photos from Captain America: New World Order give Marvel fans a glimpse of Harrison Ford as Thunderbolt Ross, but what is he up to?



Fresh Captain America: New World Order set photos were leaked recently. They show a character that many fans have been waiting to see. So far, we’ve mostly been getting shots of Anthony Mackie and Liv Tyler on set. But now fans can see Harrison Ford as Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross.

Ford is no stranger to blockbuster action films, having made his mark in the sci-fi and action/adventure genres with his performance as Han Solo in Star Wars and the title character in the Indiana Jones films.

Fans have known for some time that Ford took over the role of Thunderbolt Ross after the death of William Hurt. But until recently, there were no photos of him on set. Pictures posted by Cinéfilo-Man on Instagram show Ford walking in what appears to be a parking lot – the location is unclear. He can be seen wearing a blue button-down shirt, black trousers and a black tie – an attire in keeping with his position.

Unlike previous photos from the shoot, the pictures of Ford do not reveal much information about what his character is up to or where he is. Nor do they announce whether Captain America: New World Order will feature Thunderbolt Ross’s hulking alter ego.

First introduced in 1962, Thunderbolt Ross is traditionally a Hulk villain whose primary goal is to hunt down the Hulk and Bruce Banner.

In 2008, Red Hulk, a character with Hulk-like abilities, was introduced in an issue of Hulk. He was later revealed to be Thunderbolt Ross. After his transformation, the Red Hulk became a recurring antagonist in the Avengers, which really links the character to Captain America. For now, it’s clear that the relationship between Thunderbolt Ross and Sam Wilson will not be friendly. Last time they met in Captain America: Civil War, Ross was about to put Wilson behind bars. What remains unclear – but is entirely possible – is whether Thunderbolt Ross will turn into the Red Hulk in the film.

Thunderbolt Ross becoming the Red Hulk would somewhat complicate the movie’s plot. He would potentially be competing for attention with the villainous Leader, played by Tim Blake Nelson. In addition, Thunderbolt Ross has received a significant promotion since audiences last saw him. He now plays the President of the United States in this film.

The transformation of the President into a biological abomination hell-bent on killing civilians is an incredible event with a lot of storytelling potential and an unprecedented setting.

While Marvel Studios’ films have explored many ideas, what happens when the leader of one of the world’s most powerful nations turns into a freakish, super-powered villain has yet to be explored. In the case of Captain America: New World Order, it’s certainly conceivable that Sam Wilson could find himself facing the President himself.

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