BREAKING! The Last of Us Is Coming to Nintendo Switch, and in a Separate Game Mode, Zelda Takes Ellie’s Place!

Shocking news has arrived, announcing that The Last of Us will soon be available on the Nintendo Switch console, and in an exclusive game mode, we can control the character of Zelda instead of Ellie.


The new game mode is an exciting innovation in which Zelda, from the Legend of Zelda series, appears in Ellie’s role. The developers have announced that in this modified version, players will have to fight the infected enemies in the same locations as in the original game. Continue! The special edition was created thanks to a collaboration between Nintendo and Naughty Dog. The exclusive game mode makes the experience of The Last of Us even more attractive for Switch owners.

In the gameplay, Zelda can use her unique abilities, such as the Sheikah Slate and the magic spells known from the Legend of Zelda series. With this change, the developers offer a new experience for The Last of Us fans and Nintendo Switch users. The new game mode will arrive in the near future, and until then, players can’t wait to try out this special and surprising version.

Long live April Fool’s Day!

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