Katee Sackhoff Could Appear As An Iconic Character In The DC Cinematic Universe?!

MOVIE NEWS – The Mandalorian star Katee Sackhoff is set to play James Gunn’s iconic Batman villain Pamela Isley, aka Poison Ivy, in the DC Universe.



Katee Sackhoff, who has been seen most recently in season 3 of The Mandalorian, is keen to play Poison Ivy. And not just anywhere: in James Gunn’s DC Universe. As the DCEU reboot develops, more DC Universe projects are in the pipeline. One of them is Batman: The Brave and The Bold, a new reboot focusing on the Dark Knight.

Someone in the running to join the DC Universe is Sackhoff: The Mandalorian star recently told ComicBook in an interview that he’d love to play Poison Ivy.

He also praises Mike Flanagan as someone he would like to work with again. Sackhoff is no stranger to Pamela Isley, who provided the voice in Batman: The Long Halloween. He also said he would love to work with Mike Flanagan, who brought Clayface to DC Studios.

“I can’t quite say that I would sell my firstborn, because she’s quite special to me [laughs]. But I would like sh*t twice and die to play Poison Ivy… And to work with Mike Flanagan again. He is such a genius and so collaborative. Working on Oculus was so much fun for me because he allowed me to talk about what I wanted to do with her [the character “Marie Russell]. I love bringing physicality to the roles that I play and horror is no different… And he was so all in.”

Although there have been several Batman film franchises, only a few have featured female antagonists. Poison Ivy has only been given a chance on the big screen once: in the critically destroyed Batman & Robin. So far, Poison Ivy has been more of a television star. Among others, in Gotham and Batwoman. Bridget Regan’s version of Poison Ivy in the Arrowverse served as a great example of why Poison Ivy can work perfectly as a big bad.

Poison Ivy’s actions as an eco-terrorist could be a point of view that could be better utilized in today’s superhero.

As a direct Batman sequel is undoubtedly on the way, Poison Ivy deserves to appear on the big screen. Hopefully, as further plans for the DC Universe come to light, Poison Ivy will be part of the first chapter in some form. And Katee Sackhoff would presumably bring an excellent performance to the character.

Source: ComicBook

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