Digital Foundry: “Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is the Worst PC Port of 2023 So Far”

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor was released on PC yesterday, and that version is currently a technical disaster on every level.


It’s hard to believe somewhere hard to believe, as all the problems of its predecessor, Fallen Order, return in the sequel, despite the fact that they were glaringly obvious. Shader translation stuttering and stuttering while moving are back, while the game’s settings don’t offer any solutions to the game’s key issues. In terms of polish, performance, and availability, it’s far worse than Fallen Order, perhaps deserving of the title of worst PC port of 2023, despite strong competition.

The first impression of the game with the player fails completely compared to its predecessor. The settings are pure UE4 defaults, right down to their names. They don’t give the user any context about how each setting affects performance and visual quality, so the player has no idea how to improve the experience to suit their hardware. In addition, there are a lot of issues that make it difficult to find out if the settings improve performance at all: I originally ran the game with RT, turned it off to get more performance, but I didn’t gain anything with it, then turned RT back on t with an unexpected and incomprehensible fps drop. Was the RT on at all? Who knows!

The other problem is with other settings – you can only choose between TAA and FSR2 in the game – and FSR2 is simply not a good choice in this game for acceptable image quality. Virtually any time an object or the camera moves in this game, FSR2 causes blurry pixelation at all quality levels. This applies to the entire image and every aspect of it, giving the game a motion-blurred, ghostly look – even if you turn off motion blur. Unreal Engine 4 has excellent DLSS and XeSS plug-in support. Developers have chosen to ignore them in a world where both improve quality for Nvidia and Intel GPU owners – and that’s unacceptable.

All of this is almost insignificant compared to the other problems with the PC port. Shader translation stuttering is back – even though the game starts with a pre-compile process. That infamous glitch in Fallen Order that everyone noticed and complained about? It’s also back in Survivor. We’ve brought so much attention to #StutterStruggle that it’s almost unbelievable that a big budget game is still being released with this problem, but it is.

Source: Eurogamer

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