New Maserati Models: Incredible Prices and Thrilling Details Revealed?

TECH NEWS – The latest Maserati GranTurismo has officially launched in Hungary, in several versions and with incredible performance. How much can we get our hands on these amazing vehicles? Maserati’s Hungarian dealer has unveiled the new GranTurismo models, including an electric version.


Wallis Motor, the exclusive distributor of Maserati in Hungary, has presented the updated GranTurismo models. These cars come with a V6 Nettuno engine and are available in two versions: the 490 horsepower Modena and the most powerful yet, the 550 horsepower GT Trofeo. Maserati will soon introduce its first fully electric model, the 760 horsepower GT Folgore.

At the event, Maserati’s business unit manager, Béla Nagy F., highlighted the features of the new GT models, emphasizing their high performance and travel comfort in both the internal combustion engine and fully electric versions. Thanks to the V6 Nettuno engine, the Modena and GT Trofeo models have already become available to fans in Hungary.

The electric GranTurismo Folgore model features the latest technology, built on an 800-volt system, and incorporates the most advanced technical solutions from Formula E. The car is equipped with three high-capacity, 300 kW permanent magnet motors, and the nominal battery capacity is 92.5 kWh, allowing it to transmit approximately 760 horsepower to the wheels continuously.

Béla Nagy F. also shared Maserati’s GranTurismo 2023 price list:

  • GranTurismo Modena at a gross price of HUF 74,485,000,
  • Trofeo for HUF 92,833,000,
  • and the fully electric Folgore model, available for order with possible delivery this year, for HUF 93,562,000.

Introducing new Maserati models in Hungary further strengthens the brand’s presence in the Hungarian market and demonstrates Wallis Motor’s commitment to offering high-quality luxury cars. Maserati’s innovations are expected to attract domestic car enthusiasts and potential buyers who appreciate high performance, sophisticated design, and pioneering technologies.

While the internal combustion engine versions are already available, the introduction of the fully electric GranTurismo Folgore is planned for later this year, which could further increase the brand’s popularity and interest in electric cars in Hungary. Maserati’s electric model offers the perfect combination of sustainability and sporty performance, opening up new opportunities in shaping the brand’s future.

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