Pedro Pascal Did Something Shocking On The Set Of Game Of Thrones! [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal recently told fans a humorous behind-the-scenes anecdote about one of his bloodiest and most violent scenes.



Game of Thrones star Pedro Pascal has revealed that he fell asleep during one of the series’s bloodiest and most brutal scenes! The movie star mentioned the anecdote in an interview about his recent success.

The HBO adaptation of Game of Thrones (named after the first book in the series), based on George R. R. Martin’s critically acclaimed novel series A Song of Ice and Fire, has created several unforgettable characters, including Pascal’s charismatic “Red Viper of Dorne”, Prince Oberyn Martell.

Pascal, considered by many to be an extremely charismatic actor, revealed in an interview with Hot Ones that one of his most horrifying scenes was deceptively relaxing. “I got my head crushed in. It was the best part of the day,” Pascal said of his character’s brutal Game of Thrones-esque death at the hands of the Mountain (literally, by the way.) “It was so hot when we were shooting that scene. He’s over me and he puts his thumbs into my eyes and they’ve got piping – or tubing – through his body into his forearms to his thumbs pumping this cool blood. So gentle, like the gentlest guy ever. I felt no pressure at all, he was so hyperaware of it.”

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, Game of Thrones’ Gregor Clegane and the man behind a rather exciting Age of Empires 4 video was apparently so gentle that the alleged victim quickly dozed off. “There were all of these fleshy bits that they were placing all over my face and pumping blood so that it would pool and spread through the amphitheatre for this good wide shot of us from above. And I was dead asleep,” Pascal admitted. “It was so hot and this stuff was so cooling to the touch and you had to be really really still. That was the most relaxing and knowing also that we had gotten to the end of this four-day fight, it was very cathartic and I went into the deepest sleep I’ve been in.”

This Game of Thrones anecdote also made fans laugh; the light-hearted humour and loose reminiscence on display here contrasts with the stoicism of The Mandalorian, though both are massively appealing.

This range, and his ability to take on roles at odds with his friendly nature, is one of the reasons Pedro Pascal is one of the best characters on HBO’s The Last of Us and other projects.

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