Carl Grimes and Sophia: The Walking Dead Comic’s Surprising Love Couple

MOVIE NEWS – In The Walking Dead comic, Carl Grimes survived the zombie apocalypse decades after many expected him to die, but his choice of romantic partner at the end of the series divided many fans. Robert Kirkman, the writer of the series, now explains why he made this decision!


Carl Grimes went through a lot of trauma after the outbreak in The Walking Dead comic, but he also found true friends and lovers along the way. His main relationships with kids his age were with Carol’s daughter Sophia and the daughter of the Whisperers leader Lydia. All three made it to the final issue where it was finally revealed who would be Carl’s life partner: Sophia or Lydia? The controversial choice was that Carl and Sophia started living together and started a family instead of Carl and Lydia. Kirkman now finally talked directly about this decision.

In the “Letters Hacks” column at the back of The Walking Dead Deluxe #61 Kirkman said that this fully colored re-release gives fans interesting information about the world of The Walking Dead. One reader asked him: “Why did you choose to make Carl and Sophia a couple in issue 193 and get rid of Lydia?” This question has been on the minds of many fans for years who felt that Lydia was a better fit for Carl in the long run. To this Kirkman replied: “Just to show that things had changed and happened in the time jump… and it was always that plan that these two kids who had been together almost the entire apocalypse ended up together.” This briefly explained to fans who liked Carl and Lydia’s pairing why Carl had to be with Sophia at the end of the series.

This controversial choice makes complete sense if we take Kirkman’s reasoning as the basis. Carl and Sophia met as kids in the second issue and faced the difficulties of a violent world overrun by zombies as friends and survivors. They also got into a romantic relationship with each other for a while they were each other’s first loves. They grew up together under unprecedented circumstances Carl and Sophia shared their happiest moments and their most horrific ones with each other strengthening their bond. Lydia and Carl on the other hand understood each other more through their traumas and scars throughout the series than anything else. It can’t be denied that they were great for each other at that time and gave each other exactly what they needed.


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