A Big-Budget John Wick Game Is In Development

A Lionsgate executive has confirmed that the IP is again jumping from movies to games.


We didn’t write the word “again” for nothing. In 2019, Bithell Games created John Wick Hex. It was a strategy game that was also a prequel to films, so genre-wise, it wasn’t the direction we’re used to seeing in the movies. If it had been in the style of, say, Sifu or maybe the Hitman reboot trilogy, it would have been a sufficiently action-packed experience (but that doesn’t mean John Wick Hex was terrible!).

ComicBook has reported that the John Wick franchise starring Keanu Reeves, now on its fourth film (and still enjoying runaway success), is serious about becoming a transmedia franchise, so not only is IP owner Lionsgate looking to attack the IP with films: TV shows and games are in the pipeline for spinoff media, but they’re also thinking about movies. For example, a TV series from Continental will answer questions about the John Wick world, while the Ballerina spinoff will feature a retired dancer who works as an assassin, with lore taken from the third film. But there’s also a game in the works, and it has been confirmed by Lionsgate’s motion picture group chairman Joe Drake (in addition to the fifth John Wick film being confirmed).

But it won’t be an indie approach game like John Wick Hex was. Instead, Lionsgate is thinking of an AAA game. We don’t know much about it, but it will be more significant in scope, and we probably don’t even have to guess that it will be an action game. Who will develop it? If it was something like John Woo’s Stranglehold in 2006, that might fit the style, although there could be more to the franchise than that.

As nothing concrete has been said yet, development is probably still in the early stages, so we’ll have to wait 2-3 years until we have a John Wick AAA game on our hands.

Source: GameRant

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