Another Marketing Push For Diablo IV, This Time For Hardcore Players!

Activision Blizzard King often comes up with something a little more daring in its marketing, and this time, the publisher has targeted gamers who might be veteran fans in its Diablo IV pre-launch promotion…


Diablo’s official Twitter account has announced its serious challenge for hardcore gamers. Can they face death? The goal is to be among the first 1000 players (by September at the latest) to reach level 100 in hardcore. Then take a screenshot (prove that you’ve earned it, and since it’s a game that requires a constant internet connection, the publisher can confirm it in no time), tweet the account with the hashtag #Diablo4Hardcore and your username, and you can be up there on a Lilith statue. To do it, they’ve published a set of rules so long we don’t even dare to read them…

You can ask Activision Blizzard King a load of questions. For example, where will this statue of Lilith be? How big will it be? What will happen to the statue? These are all unanswered questions, but it’s a safe bet that the publisher will not accept applications from those with inappropriate or offensive BattleTags, so if you have a swear word in your name, don’t even apply. Here is a paragraph from the game rules; it is still appropriate to put it in:

“The first 1,000 individuals who meet all of the eligibility requirements herein and send a public Tweet to @Diablo containing (i) the hashtag #Diablo4Hardcore, (ii) their full BattleTag, and (iii) picture or video proof that the individual has reached a character level of 100 in “hardcore mode” on Diablo IV and have earned the “Tempered Champion” title in-game using the same account will have their BattleTag engraved into a physical statue of Blizzard’s choice.”

This marketing move isn’t so bad because compared to it, Lilith, the demon lady’s chocolate shop in London, where you can eat human skulls made of chocolate, is in a far different category.

Source: GameRant

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