Twitter Is Preparing A Significant Code Rewrite: Another Step Closer To X?

Maybe that’s why the translation of tweets didn’t work yesterday, because there were problems with that, too.


The Twitter Daily News reported that Elon Musk, the owner of the social platform, still believes that they need to rewrite Twitter’s code base from scratch but that this could be a good thing from an efficiency point of view, because the timeline mixer code is now down to about 70,000 lines of code instead of 700,000, so they could cut it down to a tenth. The same account has also written that the platform could get a new name, as Musk says the old name is not the proper branding. Therefore, it could run under the name X to allow longer text, video, messaging, and financial services. Musk’s response to this was “true.” Since the platform is already under a Nevada-based company, X Holdings Corp, there is something to it.

On April 28, the Fidelity Blue Chip Growth Fund released its monthly holdings report. It cut its stake in X Holdings Corp. back to $6.55 million, valuing Twitter at $15 billion. Musk bought it for 44. It is the fourth such downgrade since October. Compared to September and October last year, the top 10 advertisers in February and March advertised 89% less, according to an estimate from Sensor Tower, cutting back their ad spend from $71 million to $7.6 million. At the end of April, there were 640,000 Twitter Blue subscribers, but only 68,157 of the first 150,000 were retained, so many may have been disappointed with the service.

The Daily Wire’s film about gender identity, What is a Woman, was censored. It can’t be retweeted, it doesn’t show up in anyone’s feed, and it has been flagged as hate speech. It also doesn’t appear in the trending list despite 900,000 views. Musk responded that it would be corrected later today. The situation has prompted the resignation of Twitter’s head of trust and security, Ella G. Irwin. Others may also leave over the issue.

So a lot is happening at the “bird” microblogging platform.

Source: WCCFTech

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