Is The Future Of Daredevil In Danger (Again)?!

MOVIE NEWS – Just as Daredevil is starting a new life, the Man Without Fear is doomed to another pile of tragedy.



Daredevil has been through countless tragedies throughout Marvel Comics’ history. This tradition is once again upending the life of Man Without Fear. Matt Murdock seemed to have found a greater purpose beyond protecting Hell’s Kitchen. His crusade against the Hand had taken him into a downward spiral that led to the capture of Elektra and the deaths of Foggy Nelson and Stick. Even the Avengers turned on him. Now it seems that an even bigger problem is on the horizon that will soon affect the character’s status for the foreseeable future.

Marvel’s recently released August teasers confirmed that writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Marc Chechetto would be taking a massive loss for the hero in Daredevil #14.

This comes just before the title is set to be handed over to new creative team Saladin Ahmed and Aaron Kuder in September. Here’s the synopsis:

“THE END. But of what? A life? A love? A marriage? Matt Murdock’s time as Daredevil? Or the latest and greatest run in one of Marvel’s most celebrated sagas? All of the above?”

Clearly, the Hell’s Kitchen devil is about to lose a significant part of his life despite the heavy losses he’s suffered so far. His best friend and former mentor has died. And Fist’s allies have either turned against him or run out. The issue’s synopsis suggests that Daredevil still has a lot to lose. Among them are his newfound wife, Elektra, his time as a superhero, or perhaps the life of another character.

Given that the two current leaders of the Fist are prophetically engaged in a life-and-death struggle, Daredevil’s most obvious loss would be Elektra’s death.

However, further descriptions in the following issues suggest that Matt will lose the duel. He may find himself in hell. Though fans know that he will survive the ordeal and return to Hell’s Kitchen by the time the series reboots. But the conclusion of, the saga could end with Elektra leaving him again. But these descriptions could be misleading. The end of the series could lead to something else entirely.

Foggy Nelson’s death and Daredevil’s fugitive status are already a massive shock for the character. Even when compared to the previous series, where he remained in prison, and his identity was revealed to the world. Matt Murdock is a superhero who is known for always getting back up despite the difficulties. He’s survived things that even Spider-Man or Wolverine would have trouble going through. What Zdarksy and Chechetto might have in store is anyone’s guess. But there’s a good chance they’ll do justice to the Marvel tradition of putting the character in a difficult period at the end of his current chapter.

Source: League of Comic Geeks

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