Syberia Is Getting An Animated Series!

MOVIE NEWS – Microids is teaming up with What The Prod to produce an animated series based on the legacy of the late Benoit Sokal.


Microids has often been said to make game adaptations of IPs from the French-speaking world (it would be hard to name a comic book that is known worldwide and hasn’t been adapted by the French publisher), but this time it’s more than that. What The Prod will be in charge of production duties, according to a statement from the publisher, and the two companies will work to “meet the legitimate expectations of the series’ fans and aficionados of animated TV shows for young adults.” Arcane: A League of Legends Story was cited as an example.

A summary of what Syberia is about: “Syberia’s iconic universe has reached a legendary status since the very first episode, released more than two decades ago. Syberia could seduce all adventure lovers thanks to its rich storyline, symbolic characters, and unique atmosphere. With the addition of this upcoming mind-blowing animated series, fans will soon be able to dive even deeper into this one-of-a-kind captivating universe. They will reunite with Kate Walker, Oscar, the Youkols, and more fascinating characters sharing incredible adventures at the crossroad of the real world and Benoit Sokal’s fantasies. Kate Walker, a young, ambitious lawyer from New York, takes us on a journey from Western Europe to Eastern Russia like no other. Dive into this alternate history and discover mythical lands filled with epic quests and tremendous characters.”

Finally, three comments from Elliot Grassian (founding director of Microids), Martine Sokal (widow of Benoit Sokal), and Ashargin Poire, founding president of What The Prod: “It’s a real pleasure to see Syberia coming to life in an animated format. We are delighted to partner up with What The Prod to offer Syberia’s fans a fantastic visual experience, capturing the soul of this iconic franchise to perfection. This series will be a new opportunity for players and new spectators to discover or re-discover Syberia’s fascinating world,” Grassian said.

“My husband would have been honored to witness his work being developed as an animated series. With Syberia, he created a magical and out-of-time world, and I am glad it will reach a new audience with this new adaptation,” Sokal added. “20 years after the release of the first episode of Syberia, our ambition is to craft an animated series inspired by the game’s incredible universe, speaking to the fans as well as newcomers thanks to a modern writing style paying tribute to these very best dystopian and uchronic masterpieces. The art direction, the type and quality of animation will guarantee a mind-blowing experience halfway between reality and fantasy,” Poire wrote.

There’s no word yet on when the series will be released, but good luck.

Source: Gematsu

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