Pure Madness: Google Photos Can Now Recognize Your Face Even From the Back of Your Head!

TECH NEWS – One of the best features of Google Photos is face recognition and grouping. But what if we told you that Google Photos can recognize your face even if it only sees the back of your head? Well, it’s not science fiction, it’s reality!


An editor at Wccftech discovered this strange phenomenon while browsing through his old photos in the Google Photos app. He noticed that the app grouped together not only pictures in which his face was visible, but also those in which only the back of his head was visible. In fact, he even paired pictures with her that didn’t feature her at all!

How is this possible? Google Photos algorithms likely use other features to identify faces, such as hair color, hair style, head shape, or ear shape. Based on these, they are able to distinguish people even if they cannot see their faces.

That’s a pretty impressive feat from AI, of course, but it’s also pretty scary. After all, this means that based on the pictures stored in the Google Photos app, Google knows a lot of information about us and with whom we are connected. It is not known what this information is used for or with whom Google shares it.

If you do not want Google Photos to analyze and group your images in this way, you can turn off this function. To do this, just go to the Google Photos settings and turn off the Face Detection and Grouping option. That way, it won’t recognize your face either from the front or from the back.

Source: Wccftech

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