Will The Switch Successor Match The Asus ROG Ally’s Performance?

According to new rumors, the new Nintendo hardware will lag behind the performance of the Xbox Series S.


A new video from RedGamingTech reveals new rumors about Nintendo’s next-gen device. From him, we hear something different. Previously, the story was that the T239 SoC (system-on-a-chip) would be based on the previous generation Nvidia architecture, Ampere. Still, he claims that it combines Ampere and Ada Lovelace so that it could have newer features. The extent of the Ada modifications is unknown.

If you dock the Switch successor (so it could supposedly be the same form factor as the Switch), its performance is roughly 15% away from the Xbox Series S. Still, it needs Nvidia’s DLSS upscaling technology to do that, so it’s not native resolutions. (However, the Switch has an advantage over the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series duo, as Sony and Microsoft both use AMD-based technology.)

If we use the Switch 2 in handheld mode (since the big N hasn’t officially announced the device yet and we don’t have a codename for it, as there was NX for the Switch back then, we’ll call it that for lack of a better idea), the performance should be close to that of the Asus ROG Ally, which is one of the most powerful handheld PCs on the market. The storage on the platform could be 256 or 512 GB, but eMMC, so the cheaper, less reliable storage could be chosen by Nintendo instead of NVMe SSD. The Switch successor may come in two editions (one with 256 GB and the other with 512 GB). Then, there was talk of hardware ray tracing, but optimization and DLSS will be needed to ensure games run stably.

Most of the details that RedGamingTech mentioned in the video align with the rumors we’ve heard. Still, the news is that Ampere and Ada Lovelace could also be appearing in Switch 2. Of course, all of it is not yet official.

Source: WCCFTech

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