iPhone 15 Pro Max: Beaten By Samsung’s Phone In The Drop Test! [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – At least the phone doesn’t overheat while charging its battery.


Let’s start with the battery: we’ve already written about the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s tendency to overheat, which reduces its performance and battery health. In ChargerLab’s video (the first video embedded below), you can see how the 6.7″ phone was charged for 60 minutes, with temperatures measured after 10, 30, and 60 minutes. The highest reading was taken at the halfway point when it reached 38.9°C. At this point, the top-of-the-range iPhone 15 was charging quickly, which explains the temperature. After 60 minutes, the phone showed the lowest reading, at which point it hadn’t gone above 29.5°C.

The maximum charge didn’t go beyond 25.5W even with Apple’s official 140W power brick. Charging speeds were unchanged from last year’s iPhone 14 Pro Max. If the phone had drawn more watts, it would probably have been hotter, which would have been detrimental to battery life (health). In return, you have to leave the phone on charge for longer to get the battery to 100%, but the newer models have the option to charge to 80%, but you can use the battery for longer due to not eradicating its health.

Let’s get to PhoneBuff’s comparison. The iPhone 15 Pro Max has a titanium frame instead of stainless steel, which means a lighter but less durable device. And compared to the Galaxy S23 Ultra, the Cupertino-based tech giant should be ashamed of itself, as Apple’s flagship phone doesn’t stand up to drops as well as scratches (especially when dropped on a concrete block, as in this test), so the South Korean phone is more durable. With the Casetify Bounce case, the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s protection is increased tenfold, protecting all four corners, but it’s not cheap.

In the first drop test, the phones were dropped on their backsides. Samsung’s device held out, winning this round. But in the second (when they were dropped at an angle so that they landed on one of their corners), Apple’s phone won. With the display down, both phones are damaged beyond repair, but somehow they still work. At the end of the four drop tests, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra scored 39 points and the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max finished behind with 37 points.

The lesson: don’t even throw your phone on your bed…

Source: WCCFTech

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