Is The Nintendo Switch Successor Coming In A Year?

While Nintendo has yet to unveil the successor to the hybrid platform released in 2017, rumors are already surfacing about the console’s release date.


Switch 2 (since it doesn’t have an official name, we can’t call it anything else, and its codename is unknown; the original Switch was NX) is not to be released until spring 2024. We say this because we have already heard from the CEO of the Japanese company that the new Nintendo platform will not hit the shelves until the end of March of the current fiscal year. So that leaves April, May, June if we think about the first half of the year, but that does not seem logical either.

Doctre81’s video talks about a job listing. Nintendo is looking for a retail marketing and strategy intern with an application deadline of December 1. The job will intensify between June and August, as this is when the candidate will gain experience in terms of mentoring, opportunities within the company’s network, and meeting senior executives at the forefront of the industry. This suggests that a major marketing campaign could be launched in the summer. Why do they need that? A new console.

Marketing precedes the launch of new hardware, not in the middle of it (technically, yes, but with modified ads after the launch). The job offer is more about when marketing will be ramped up, so that after the summer advertising rush, the successor to the Nintendo Switch can arrive in the fall. We could get our hands on the new hardware in September or possibly October. The Nintendo Switch Lite was also released in September, and the OLED model had an October release date… so both months sound realistic!

We’ve heard March before, but that’s not a release date for the successor to the Nintendo Switch, it’s likely a release date for the unveiling. That would give the console about half a year of marketing, which is acceptable (for example, the PlayStation 4 was unveiled by Sony in February and then released in November). Of course, what we’re hearing about the Switch’s successor isn’t official yet!

Source: WCCFTech

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