Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Important Bug Fixed In Latest Patch – Insomniac Apologizes!

A new patch for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 addresses an unfortunate discrepancy, and Insomniac Games has issued an official apology.



An update has been released for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. This corrects the placement of a Cuban flag at the home of Puerto Rican Miles Morales. Spider-Man fans in Puerto Rico were particularly disappointed by the use of the incorrect flag. They were baffled by the error. While Insomniac did not provide an explanation, it has now released an apology for the bug along with Thursday’s patch.

Miles Morales’ home in Harlem, where he lives with his mother, Rio Morales, has a large painting of a flag in the hallway. From its appearance until now, this painting has been mistaken for the Cuban flag. The Cuban flag is strikingly similar in structure to the Puerto Rican flag. But with a different colour scheme. Unfortunately, this is not the only case where the flags have been swapped. There were also flags hanging between the buildings that displayed the Cuban flag. Elsewhere in the game, however, the Puerto Rican flag was displayed correctly.

In a message posted on Twitter, Insomniac Games explains that the studio sincerely apologizes for the error and understands that “accurate representation matters.”

He also promises to do better in the future. The apology coincided with the release of a new patch for Spider-Man 2. The latter updates the game to version 1.001.003. The patch’s primary fix is updating the faulty Cuban flags to Puerto Rican ones.

However, this is not the only change. The patch also fixed another notable bug in Spider-Man 2. The bug could replace character models like Miles Morales with a die. Insomniac explained that this bug could occur after “long play sessions”. Theoretically, you can no longer apply after the repair.

Another strange bug that was fixed in its new patch was related to the game’s The Amazing 2 outfit. This is one of Spider-Man’s unlockable outfits in the game and is based on the outfit from The Amazing Spider-Man 2. For some reason, the logo on this outfit would look very shiny, like it was particularly reflective. This bug has now been fixed.

It’s been less than a week since Spider-Man 2 was released on PS5, but this will be the first major patch to hit the game since the launch day update.

It’s a relatively minor update. It’s good that Insomniac was quick to address such essential and prominent issues in the game. Expect more granular bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements in future patches. As Insomniac will have more time to tinker with the recently discovered issues.

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