Tom Hardy Reveals What He Thinks Of Venom In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2!

Tom Hardy, best known for his role as Venom in Sony’s recent live-action Marvel movies, has shared some thoughts on the villain of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2…



In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Venom was a big hit with gamers. In fact, even Tom Hardy has nothing but good things to say about Insomniac’s version of the symbiote supervillain! Venom is one of Spider-Man’s most beloved and iconic foes. He has terrorised the web-slinger and his fans alike in countless video games, comic books and movies. Gamers were naturally intrigued when the slimy black symbiote appeared in the post-credits scene of Marvel’s Spider-Man. Venom’s emergence from the shadows in the first trailer for Spider-Man 2 was met with a thunderous ovation.

The excitement was only heightened when it was announced that Tony Todd, actor of villainous fame such as the original Candyman and Zoom from The Flash, would be voicing Venom in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Todd has been popular with fans for years as the voice of Venom. He often expressed his enthusiasm for the role earlier this month, before the release of Spider-Man 2 on PlayStation 5. Now that the game is out, fans are sharing their appreciation for Tony Todd’s performance. Among them is another actor who recently brought Venom to life.

A few days ago, Tom Hardy shared a black and white photo of Tony Todd on his Instagram account, and in a comment, he called the Spider-Man 2 voice actor a “legend” – presumably for his role as Venom.

This compliment carries extra weight because Hardy plays Eddie Brock and Venom’s symbiote in Sony’s live-action Marvel movies. Or, for a brief cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home. He will reprise his role in the third, as yet untitled Venom movie. The latter is currently scheduled for release on 12 July 2024.

Tom Hardy isn’t the only Venom-related celebrity to comment on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Legendary comic book artist and writer Todd McFarlane praised Venom’s design at this summer’s Comic-Con 2023. Gamers seem to share that sentiment. After all, Spider-Man 2 has already become one of Insomniac’s most acclaimed titles after less than a week. Jon Paquette, the game’s lead narrative director, recently hinted at a Venom-centric spin-off game. If enough fans want it, that means players could see more of the deadly defender in Insomniac’s universe.

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