Is Nintendo Planning A Multimedia Streaming Service For Its New Console?

The Japanese company is finally going beyond video games on its online platform.


Recently, Nash Weedle took to Twitter to share a newly registered patent for selecting and ordering streamed content. The patent also defines the systems used to indicate what content is available and what can be viewed, so you could call what the big N has designed an online video library. Currently, there is no such thing on the eShop, as only games are available on the Japanese company’s online platform.

This is not much in itself, but we can add a job advertisement published by Nintendo’s US subsidiary, looking for a software engineer with experience in multimedia-related technology. This job offer also appeared on Twitter. Thus, one could even mock the Japanese company’s service as Nintendoflix, since the software engineer’s job would be applied to video game consoles with a large user base.

The timing is no coincidence. With rumors of a successor to the Nintendo Switch due later this year, two possible release dates (both of which were in the news last year), and a multimedia streaming service in the pipeline, the Big N is trying to strengthen its position not only with games (launch titles are a priority for a console!), but also with other services. It remains to be seen what content will be there, but it’s likely that the Pokémon series will be there; Game Freak’s IP has been associated with the big N since the Game Boy.

If Nintendo is smart, they’ll skip over The Pokémon Company’s threats (this was in the news yesterday) and bring Palworld to Switch 2 (or whatever the console is called), because despite The Pokémon Company’s teasing that it’s a stunted copy, it still managed to sell millions in early access. And that’s something a BAD game can’t do. Will it be Nintendo TV with anime?

Source: WCCFTech

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