Denzel Washington Plays this Character in Gladiator II

MOVIE NEWS – More and more information is coming to light about Gladiator II, although the details of the story are still very much in the dark. It can be known that the main hero is the now grown-up Lucius Verus (Paul Mescal), nephew of Emperor Commodus, and the main villain is Emperor Caracalla (Joseph Quinn), who in reality is the He was one of the darkest tyrants in the history of the Roman Empire.


Lucius and his mother, Lucilla (Connie Nielsen) return from the first part. Perhaps the greatest interest surrounds the new important character, who will be played by Denzel Washington. A few things have already been revealed about him. A freed gladiator who rose from the ranks of the slaves thanks to his special fighting skills. Later, however, he did not make a career in the entertainment industry of the time, that is, he did not open a gladiator school that prepares fighters to perform in the arena. He fought his way up much higher than that: he became a large-scale arms dealer. The empire is at the height of its power, but it is waging more and more wars on its borders, so catapults and other siege engines are in great need, and the character of Washington is interested in this booming business. Since he is an indispensable figure for the army, his power of character rivals that of senators, and accordingly he weaves ambitious political plans. Not much else is known, but according to some fans, Washington this time may embody the “mysterious schemer” type of character, whose intentions are not entirely clear apart from wanting to be the tip of the scales in the game of the big ones. p>

(Gladiator II – domestic release: November 14, 2024.)
Source: UIP Dunafilm


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