PlayStation 5: Impossible to Reach 8K/60 FPS HDR! [VIDEO]

Sony has essentially admitted that the option previously listed on the console’s box is not feasible on the PlayStation 5…


The 8K sticker has disappeared from the PlayStation 5 box. This was discussed by the editors of Digital Foundry, who explained that true 8K resolution with 60 FPS and HDR is impossible on Sony’s console, which will be released in 2020. The console’s HDMI output is limited to 32 Gb/s (gigabit!). That’s not enough for 8K resolution at 60fps, unless you make some kind of compromise, like 420 chroma subsampling.

This is used to get less bandwidth by reducing the resolution of certain color channels, which is not very noticeable at higher resolutions. HDR can’t work at 8K because it requires 10 bits per channel, and the PlayStation 5 can only do 8 bits. The Xbox Series X can do 8K/60 FPS with HDR because the HDMI output on Microsoft’s console has a higher bandwidth, although it would require chroma subsampling.

8K support has never been enabled in a firmware update for either Sony or Microsoft consoles. This is understandable since there is no game or video content available at this resolution, and there are very few 8K displays currently available to the public. It would only make sense if the consoles were scaling instead of the TV, but the low memory would not have produced a better result. Don’t expect to see an 8K sticker on the PlayStation 5 Pro either, as the resolution no longer has any promotional value, so Sony will focus on other features instead.

Games, for example. On the ResetEra forum, an insider, shinobi602, wrote that there will be no games of the caliber of Rise of the Ronin or Stellar Blade from Sony’s own first-party studios in 2025. He didn’t say how many such games will be coming from the company, but Death Stranding 2: On the Beach is definitely coming next year. Meanwhile, Astro Bot is coming this year (on September 6).

It will be interesting to see what games Sony is working on.

Source: WCCFTech, WCCFTech, ResetEra


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