Blackwell Leaks: No CUDA Shortage on Nvidia’s Next Graphics Cards

TECH NEWS – It has been leaked how many cores and what bus interface will be on the five GPUs of the Blackwell architecture, and since the information comes from a reliable leaker, it will surely be as he reported.


Kopite7kimi has provided the configuration of the six GB200 chips:


  • GB202 – 24576 CUDA cores (512-bit GDDR7) – +33% cores over AD102
  • GB203 – 10752 CUDA cores (256-bit GDDR7) – +5% cores over AD103
  • GB205 – 6400 CUDA cores (192-bit GDDR7) – -16.6% cores over AD104
  • GB206 – 4608 CUDA cores (128-bit GDDR7) – same core count as AD106
  • GB207 – 2560 CUDA cores (128-bit GDDR6) – 16.6% core count over AD107



GB202 can cover the RTX 5090. 12 GPCs with 8 TPCs each, for a total of 96, and 2 SMs each in these 96, so 192 are included. Depending on the card, the 512-bit bus can be truncated to a 448, 384, or 320-bit solution. The GB203 is not the flagship, so this GPU will be used by the RTX 5080. 7 GPCs with 6 TPCs each for a total of 42 TPCs and 84 SMs with 256-bit bus interface.

The GB205 is a chip for the upper mid-range (RTX 5070, RTX 5070 Ti), with 5 GPCs, 5 TPCs each (25 TPCs, 50 SM in total), 192-bit bus interface. The GB206 is aimed at the mainstream audience, so you’ll find it in the RTX 5060 and 5060 Ti graphics cards. 3 GPC with 6 TPC each for a total of 18 TPC and 36 SM with 128-bit bus interface. Finally, there is the GB207, which represents the entry level. It’s aimed at either the RTX 5060 or the RTX 5050 (but since the 60 is the smallest of the 4000 cards in desktops, it’s likely that the 5050 will be laptop-only again…), with 2 GPCs, 5 TPCs each (for a total of 10 TPCs and 20 SM), but here there’s a chance that GDDR6 could be used instead of GDDR7.

GeForce RTX 5000 cards could slip through by early 2025, based on comments from vendors at Computex.

Source: WCCFTech

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