A Nintendo Employee Leaked Company’s Plans!?

On Friday, the Twitter account of a well-known Nintendo leaker figuratively disappeared, and not coincidentally, the account, which already had more than 109,000 followers, was set to private…


The leaker went by the name of Pyoro, who always leaked accurate information about Nintendo Direct before the big N released official details. At first, we didn’t know where his information came from, but his accurate, credible reporting quickly made him popular on Twitter, as it’s not easy to amass over 100,000 followers. However, Bloomberg reported that Pyoro was unusually quiet ahead of this week’s Nintendo Direct… and for good reason.

Pyoro said he wasn’t expecting any major announcements, but it turns out he was wrong, as a new Mario and Zelda game was revealed and Metroid Prime 4: Beyond gameplay caught the public’s attention. And on the ResetEra forum, it was discovered that there were no pre-seeded websites on the Nintendo Store this time, and it was deduced that Pyoro’s previous leaks came from those, because those sites were activated after the previous Nintendo Direct, and the ones that didn’t show up on the Nintendo eShop like that were not leaked by Pyoro.

The implication is that Pyoro had some access to Nintendo’s web backend, meaning he is (or was) employed by the Japanese company in some way. Jason Schreier, writing for Bloomberg, spoke to him privately and confirmed that Pyoro’s source works for Nintendo in Japan, but he was unsure how he got his information, so he too suspects the backend theory. In a now-deleted tweet, Pyoro claimed that he had no idea that his answers would appear on Bloomberg, and then immediately set his Twitter to private, thus exposing himself. Schreier later responded by posting a picture of a private message before the article went live, claiming he was working on the article.

Recently, another N leaker was caught who turned out to be a Google employee who had access to private videos on Nintendo’s YouTube channel…

Source: VGC, Bloomberg, ResetEra, ResetEra

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