PlayStation Plus Essential: Sony is Ridiculously Cheap Towards its Subscribers!

One July game has taken Sony’s service to an unprecedented level, and this time the phrase “gamers deserve more” really makes sense!


It’s been almost a week since July’s three PlayStation Plus Essential titles were made available to all subscribers (as PlayStation Plus Extra/Premium members can also access content from the lower tiers), and in case you missed them, here’s a list of what they are. This month’s highlight is Borderlands 3, which was previously more of a PlayStation Plus Extra offering, but Take-Two has now made it available on the Essential tier. Then there’s NHL 24, so there’s a sports game (hockey) for this month as well. But we’re thinking about the third title, which is mainly known on PC, but can also be seen on PlayStation: it’s Among Us.

It’s a great indie game, but let’s look at it from a different angle. It had a significant popularity in 2020 because of the pandemic, but it’s still known and played by many people. There are many memes associated with it, and the word “sus” (short for suspicious) has become almost colloquial in the English-speaking world. But what’s wrong with it?

It’s normally $5 on PlayStation Store, but until July 11 you can buy Among Us for even less – $3. That’s a fraction of the monthly price of PlayStation Plus Essential, making it Sony’s biggest ‘cheap’ deal ever. The last time we saw a game this cheap on the then one-tier service was in 2019, when Divekick was a similar $5 title offered for free to subscribers.

Given all this, is it any wonder that gamers are critical of Sony’s choice? It’s not that the game is bad, it’s that Sony is a cheapskate, as the game is easily affordable…

Source: GameRant

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