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Watch Dogs is Ubisoft’s fastest-selling game

Watch Dogs sold more copies in a…
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PS Plus will get two free PS4 games monthly

Sony has announced that starting next month,…

PlayStation 4 is coming to China according to Sony

A while ago China had finally lifted… PlayStation4 News PlayStation4 Reviews BattleField Hardline2

Battlefield Hardline coming to PS4 Fall 2014

EA has announced yesterday a spanking new…

Watch Sony in theatres during E3 2014!

In a bit of a surprising news… PlayStation4 News PlayStation4 Reviews Watch Dogs

Fake reflections in Watch_Dogs

Kotaku reports a pretty funny story about…
ps4pro watch dogs hacks metropol ungary 20140527 2

Watch Dogs “hacks” Metropol Hungary

In Hungary using a kind of a…

Minecraft PlayStation 4 version coming in August

The indie hit Minecraft keeps chugging along…
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50% of PlayStation 4 owners have PS Plus

Sony recently revealed that the PlayStation 4…
PlayStation 4 - Several signs point to the announcement happening during Paris Game Week, which will begin on October 28, and it also looks like Sony is going to have a bigger presence there. Think about the rumours of Quantic Dream announcing their PS4-exclusive title during this event!

Sony expects to sell 10 million PlayStation 4 consoles by April 2015

Sony expects PlayStation 4 sales to reach…

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