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Although it seemed Diablo Immortal would only be available on mobile, Blizzard quickly changed its mind.

Diablo Immortal: It Costs A Ridiculous Amount Of Money To Max Out A Character!

The newest game in the Diablo series…
Glen Schofield is back, and he thinks single-player games are far from being down.

The Callisto Protocol Will Have PlayStation-Exclusive Content

More details about the return of Dead…
You don't have to necessarily break the boxes alone, as Toys For Bob's title (which is so close to its launch that it's not under 100% development anymore) will offer several cooperative and competitive game modes.

Is Toys For Bob developing a New Crash Bandicoot game?

After Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time,…
MOVIE NEWS - Elliot Page opens up about his experiences in the entertainment industry and reveals some of the difficult situations he was forced to endure in the early years of his career, including the promotion of the 2007 film 'Juno'.

Elliot Page says it “sucks” what the studio bosses of Juno made him do back…

MOVIE NEWS – Elliot Page opens up…
Ray tracing can give Nintendo 64 games a pretty powerful visual tune-up.

Nintendo 64 Games Can Be Beefed Up With Ray Tracing, Courtesy Of A Modder [VIDEO]

Ray tracing can give Nintendo 64 games…
MOVIE NEWS - Jared Leto has responded to reports of a Morbius and Spider-Man crossover as he waits for his Marvel movie to debut finally.

Morbius Returned To Cinemas For A Weekend – Was It Worth Campaigning For?

MOVIE NEWS – Morbius was back in…
MOVIE NEWS - The fourth season of Stranger Things arrives next month, and the series is about to get a lot darker and scarier as it draws to a close.

Stranger Things Prosthetic Designer Reveals How The Character Of Vecna Was Born

MOVIE NEWS – Stranger Things has brought…
MOVIE NEWS - Chace Crawford from The Boys detailed what it was like to eat a live octopus in episode 3...

The Boys Actor Was Shocked By What His Character Did In Season 3! [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Chace Crawford from The…
It looks like Epic Games has "thrown a party" for the latest season of Fortnite: the newest addition to the battle royale, which is not known for its seriousness, promises to be some pretty dizzying fun.

Fortnite: Vibin’ The Madness – Chapter 3 Season 3 Is Here! [VIDEO]

It looks like Epic Games has “thrown…