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MOVIE NEWS - One of the rumoured James Bond candidates has admitted he was never in the running to replace Daniel Craig as the next 007.

Most Likely James Bond Candidate May Not Have Been In The Running?!

MOVIE NEWS – One of the rumoured…
Microsoft has issued a statement to refute rumours that the price of Xbox Game Pass subscriptions could rise shortly.

Could Xbox Game Pass Get More Expensive?! Microsoft Has Spoken

Microsoft has issued a statement to refute…
TECH NEWS - A new Sony patent has come up with several interesting ways to remind players to sit up straight and improve their posture.

“Sit Straight While Gaming!” – Says Sony With Its Latest Patent

TECH NEWS – A new Sony patent…
Microsoft president Brad Smith has confirmed that the company has offered a ten-year Call of Duty contract to Sony Playstation and other platforms. EU

Sony Worries, Microsoft Advertises – The Latest News About The Activision Blizzard Deal!

Sony fears that Microsoft could sabotage Call…
MOVIE NEWS - Lucasfilm has shelved two Star Wars films with big-name filmmakers attached, but a new project is getting off the ground.

Star Wars Film Projects Falling – More Cancellations Announced!

MOVIE NEWS – Lucasfilm has shelved two…
New sales figures do not yet include OLED data for Nintendo Switch. Switch Pro.

Is The Nintendo Switch Successor Having Backward Compatibility Issues? [VIDEO]

According to rumors, the successor to the…
TECH NEWS - With the next generation of GPUs approaching, AMD and Nvidia hardware prices have fallen by 57% since the beginning of 2022, according to a report.

Problems With The Latest AMD And Nvidia Graphics Card Drivers!

TECH NEWS – Fortunately, only the processor…
The company is promising big things coming to PlayStation 5 in 2023, including significant new games and tools. Sony PlayStation 6

PS5’s latest update arrives today: Discord voice chat, VRR support for 1440p and more!

Sony releases the latest system software update…
In Diablo IV, players will attempt to bring hope back to the world by vanquishing evil in all its vile incarnations -- from cannibalistic demon-worshipping cultists to the all-new drowned undead that emerge from the coastlines to drag their victims to a watery grave. Blizzard

Diablo IV: Another Bold Marketing Move From Activision Blizzard [VIDEO]

Fortunately, it’s not as shocking as what…

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