Rockstar themselves focus more on GTA Online as well, so it's unlikely to see a story mode DLC pop up soon.

Grand Theft Auto V Is Unstoppable

An AAA title rarely produces such results.…

Another Franchise Received An „Adult Adaptation!” [VIDEO]

If you need more after Overwatch and…

A 360° For Honor Trailer Arrived [VIDEO]

We are now in the heart of…
Spencer says he's a fan of Double Fine and believes the sequel to Psychonauts is the best game Tim Schafer's studio has ever released

Psychonauts 2 Got A Publisher [VIDEO]

Double Fine‘s game will not be self-published.…

PlayStation Network: Overnight Problems

Sony’s network wasn’t working as intended overnight.…

The Age of Trainers, Cheats, Unlimited Life and Ammo is Back on the PS4?

In the golden age of video games…

Is Assassin’s Creed Heading To VR?

A portfolio leak says it all. Ubisoft…
Blizzard - At the last financial meeting of Blizzard, President J. Allen Brack spoke briefly about the present and future of Overwatch: "It is a remarkable franchise for Blizzard, and we will continue dedicating resources and attention to the community and the series to grow with time".

Strange Request From The Director Of Overwatch

It’s highly unlikely that the two companies…
Electronic Arts makes a lot of money from its annual Madden NFL sports game (primarily via the Ultimate Team gambling), which hasn't seen significant changes in a long time.

Super Bowl LI: Did Electronic Arts’ Simulation Prediction Win? [VIDEO]

Electronic Arts had their prediction done before…
Vampyr won't be a weak game - it's going to launch in 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Vampyr And Call Of Cthulhu Receives Launch Window

Focus Home Interactive gave a launch window…

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