Electronic Arts - Matt Bilbey, the executive vice president of strategic growth at Electronic Arts (they have some weird positions...) told Gamesindustry that EA still struggles with its image.

Controls Could Change Depending On Our Performance: An Exciting EA Patent!

However, Electronic Arts’ idea is not entirely…

Over $1 Billion Of Bitcoin In A Popcorn Tin!

A thief has been caught after stealing…
Naoki Yoshida talked about the aspects that prevented Final Fantasy XVI from being an open-world game.

Final Fantasy XVI Will Be PlayStation 5 Exclusive For At Least Six Months! [VIDEO]

It means that the PC version (because…
TECH NEWS - Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa has announced that the production of the Nintendo Switch will slow down in early 2022.

The Switch Could Become The 2nd Best-Selling Nintendo Platform By 2023!

The Switch is still behind Nintendo’s Game…
God of War Ragnarok has been given an ESRB rating, and a summary of the level of violence players can expect in the game, as well as how long it will be and how much of the walkthrough animation has been packed in...

God Of War: Ragnarök: One Reviewer Gets A Death Threat!

Death threats and a racist message have…
TECH NEWS - Sony is releasing a brand new firmware update for PS5, which includes system settings for a feature that all gamers can take advantage of. PlayStation 5

Can This Be The Date When PlayStation 5 Slim Arrives?!

TECH NEWS – According to a recent…
To mark this year's N7 Day, BioWare has released footage from the upcoming Mass Effect game that could potentially hint at a vital story thread.

Mass Effect: BioWare Made A Surprise Video For N7 Day! [VIDEO]

To mark this year’s N7 Day, BioWare…
TECH NEWS - A Genshin Impact video shows the game running at 13K resolution thanks to the recently released Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090.

This Is Genshin Impact Running With An Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090! [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – A Genshin Impact video…
TECH NEWS - The PlayStation-focused system will advise players through video footage and a few pictures. PS5

So Far, The Price Hike Hasn’t Hurt The PlayStation 5’s Demand!?

Sony can now rub its palms together:…

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