Mass Effect - We will be able to switch between classes and reassign points between skill trees fairly easily as clarified by the game designers.

Mass Effect: Andromeda – Time for Reboot?!

PREVIEW – Mass Effect is back, with…
NieR: Automata - It is a fun hack n slash gameplay, but the ease of pulling off massive combos can feel annoying for some, especially when the game sticks a player in an attack animation.

NieR: Automata – Panties and Robots

Panties and Robots
Sniper Elite 4 - For precision aiming, you must hold your breath back.

Sniper Elite 4 – The Big Break?

PREVIEW - Rebellion is now at its…

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladio – Fight Against the Six-Armed Swordsman

Fight Against the Six-Armed Swordsman
Sadly there are some problems with this Early Access title, but most of them can be fixed in the long run.

Astroneer – Beyond No Man’s Land

PREVIEW – 2016 was a hectic year…
Lost Legacy might not be memorable, though.

Uncharted: Lost Legacy – Getting Lost In The Shuffle?

Getting Lost In The Shuffle?
The footage that we see might not even be canon, as according to the developers, and the voice actors this scene was throughout almost a year ago, and it was recorded back then.

The Last of Us Part 2 – Kill Everyone!

Kill Everyone!
To finish it off, a trivia: the same team (as Eidetic) has created one of the worst games of all time two decades ago: Bubsy 3D!

Days Gone – Sons of Zombie Anarchy

Sons of Zombie Anarchy
Nintendo Switch - Interesting fact: while we saw Skyrim in the Switch trailer, Bethesda didn't confirm that the game is heading to the new platform. DeNA = mobile games.

Nintendo Switch – Everything We Know About It!

Everything We Know About It!

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