APB Reloaded to be published on PlayStation 4 in 2015

The MMO game APB has a shady past. It was originally developed by David Jones, who is the creator of the first Grand Theft Auto, and was supposed to be an MMO game with cops against robbers. But after some $60 million poured in the development, the final game was a massive failure. It was actually so crap that the developer Realtime Worlds closed its doors shortly after.

But it wasn’t the end of APB. It was bought by Reloaded Productions for $2 million only, who re-released the game under the title of APB Reloaded in 2011. Three years passed and we can say that the game is still online, and it still has some active players. So even if it’s not a success story, it’s safe to say that APB is somewhat successful.

Developer Reloaded Productions has now announced that they are now porting APB Reloaded to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and that the game is scheduled for release sometime in 2015.


APB Reloaded wouldn’t be the only free to play online game on the PlayStation 4 — we already have WarFrame and War Thunder, not to mention Sony’s own DC Universe.

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