Ubisoft’s creativity concerning this PS4 port’s name is simply astonishing! [VIDEO]

In 2012, Ubisoft’s Zombi U was one of the flagship titles on the Wii U, which ended up being a commercial failure despite receiving heavy promotion by both Nintendo and Ubisoft. The failure resulted in the deletion of its planned sequel. Instead, the French company ended up making an almost unexplainable move.

This bird is also baffled by Ubisoft’s extraordinary amount of creativity concerning this game’s title.

This game is now going to get a PlayStation 4, an Xbox One and a PC port, renaming the title to Zombi. Yes, simply Zombi – we don’t really understand why they are pulling this off, especially because the original game was designed with the Wii U’s gamepad receiving a significant amount of usage. We’ll see the results very soon – in fact, the game is going to launch on August 28. Zombi’s multiplayer segment has been cut because of the gamepad usage – the minimap will be on the screen and going into the inventory will not pause the game, similar to the Souls games. Also, there will be two new melee weapons. Uh… wow?

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