Dark Souls III – 20 minutes of gameplay [VIDEO]

Warning, the video below is Japanese, so we wanted to inform you about it beforehand: you might end up muting the video below, but even then, you will still see the most important things in action, despite the subtitles in the game being Japanese as well. But then again, localization is usually not one of the first things to do during game development. We still see 20 minutes of From Software‘s newest game, and they won’t rest even after finishing up Bloodborne‘s expansion – they have to be done with the fourth Souls game by next spring.

Seeing how the magic is taking an important part in Dengeki PlayStation‘s stream, we can say that the game’s style is now going to be a mixture of Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne simultaenously. The difficulty, the HUD and the amount of deaths of the players are still present, so there’s no surprises here. There will be skills too: for example, with War Cry, we will be able to up our axe’s power and even break the enemy’s guard with an upwards swing from a ready stance. This means another layer of strategy.

The release date? Bandai Namco announced that the worldwide release outside Japan will be during April 2016 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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