Star Wars Battlefront – Beta timeframe revealed

We’ve known about DICE’s game, Star Wars Battlefront receiving an open beta, which won’t even require pre-ordering a game for a while now – this can give a brief taste of Battlefront to everyone out there, no matter if it lacks a server browser or Battlelog. We only knew that it will launch in October, but now, DICE revealed the exact timeframe of the beta.

The beta will happen between October 8 and October 12 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (via Origin). There will be three game modes: Walker Assault on Hoth with the maximum amount of players (40) in matches, Drop Zone on Sullust (we knew about these two, except for the location of Drop Zone), and there will also be a Survival Mission on Tatooine. This can be played alone, or with a friend in co-op, or in split-screen.


There is also going to be a Companion Experience, which gives us the Command card game, allowing the players to earn in-game credits, and this will also have pretty much its own Battlelog system with our statistics and allowing us to change our loadouts and such.

There are rumours though – if we can believe NeoGAF user Illucio and his experiences with the alpha version of Battlefront, there are connection issues, plus he thinks the game is a „complete mess and broken”. The game is rushed out in November to have the game out before the launch of the 7th Star Wars movie. Why are there so many problematic AAA games nowadays?

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