Another day, another Konami-scandal!

If you feel like there’s almost no week recently without Konami news, whether it’s about the company or their games, you’re not alone. Now, we write about Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, because Konami managed to release this game in an unfinished state, although not as much as say, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, but still… (and no, we don’t tak about DLCs or anything like that now)

The roster wasn’t updated to 2016 specs in retail release. Although Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 was released on September 15, the rosters did not get fully up to date. For online game modes, the live updates will begin to come from October 1, which will constantly modify the in-game footbalists’ stats to follow their real-life counterparts. Let us repeat it: for online. What about offline modes? Well, those are not getting updated until October 29. Nice, a four-week delay…

As if Konami seems like they want to push players away from the offline Master League to MyClub, which has microtransactions – however, even MyClub gets updates from October 29, but you can already spend money in microtransactions… And a Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 patch is nowhere to be found!

So why wasn’t PES 2016 released in November? *looks at calendar: FIFA 16 release date is September 22* Oh, so they rushed the release to beat the rivals. And a Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 patch is nowhere to be found! Good job, Konami.

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