Star Wars Battlefront will have no microtransactions!

We have heard several things from Electronic Arts and DICE about Star Wars Battlefront, which really is getting its hype as expected. It might be rushed out to the market because of the next movie coming in December, there will be no server browser on either platforms, and we can’t play offline in Survival Mission in the beta (which is happening between October 8 and 12!), and so on. We now got to know an important detail about the game, which might help in deciding whether this game should be bought or not…

Although it is slowly becoming common that 60 dollar/euro games will have microtransactions (MGSV, PES 2016 – wow, immediately two Konami games came to our minds, but we can say Assassin’s Creed Syndicate too), Star Wars Battlefront will have none of that. Sure, there will be credits in the game, but you will get that for in-game performance. This is an excellent move.

We should not just swallow the pill of microtransactions in full priced games. We shouldn’t let publishers and devs try to push more money out of us – it’s a rejectful, pathetic move, and we are glad that Battlefront goes against the trend. Let’s just hope that it won’t suddenly include a way to buy credits for money later on!

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