Firewatch: Finally got a release date

We haven’t really heard much of Campo Santo – although they do have a very promising game that will hit the PlayStation 4 and the PC very soon. This would be Firewatch, which was announced around one and a half years ago. It’s going to be basically an aftermath of the 1988 Yellowstone fires, and for a good reason: we will be controlling a fire lookout tower officer in this game.

However, Firewatch only had a “2015” release date up to now, but Campo Santo finally announced a concrete release date: as a console exclusive on the PlayStation 4, they plan to launch the game on February 9, 2016. We’re wondering how the loneliness will be presented in the game: after all, all we will have as a walkie-talkie as a form of communication with our supervisor. Our relationship will depend on what dialogue options we will choose. We are expecting this game to be excellent – and as the devs’ first game, it might hit home hard, even with using just the Unity engine. This engine is getting some great games recently on the floor, like Never Alone. The image also show what we are in for in February!

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