Life is Strange: Launch trailer for Polarized [VIDEO]

Finally, it’s about time! Dontnod wasn’t playing it in small size, the French team have uploaded no less than SIX teasers for the last Life is Strange episode called Polarized… followed by uploading the launch trailer no less than ONE day before the release. They played with our minds, didn’t they?

SPOILER! Some new scenes are seen in this trailer, so we are not entirely recommending to watch the video for everyone! We say this even after having finished the episode (and we can safely say: it takes around two and a half hours to beat this episode), but it might show some things from this great ending… or not so great ending…
We shouldn’t spoil the fun. Telltale‘s in trouble! Will Rhys and Fiona even get close to the finale of Max and Chloe? Have Dontnod raised the bar extremely high for Tales from the Borderlands?

In our opinion, very likely, they did! Although we haven’t started playing that game yet, but soon, it will be on our bench pad.
We only want to say that some scenes in Polarized can get you in tears. An episodic game barely manages to do this to us.

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