Game of Thrones – Free first episode, when is the finale coming? [VIDEO]

Telltale Games is continuing the tradition with Game of Thrones as well – while they announced the release date for the finale episode, they also made the first chapter available for free (so you can go to the Store to get a brief taste of this series, it’s free by the time we are writing this article). But let’s not waste anyone’s time anymore – when is episode six, called The Ice Dragon come?

To be exact, on November 17. However, according to the developers, so it is going to launch on all platforms on this day, so the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC and mobile platforms will all see a simultaenous launch. The announcement got a new trailer as well, in which the TV series’ cast – who are voice acting for the in-game characters – are talking about their experiences.

At least we know now when to expect this Telltale-finale. How will it fare? We will definitely review the game then. Until then, in case you missed the series, you can still catch up with all five episodes!

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