[PGW 2015] Wild: Michel Ancel attacks again [VIDEO]

Michel Ancel has been in the game development scene for two decades already – he is the guy who created Rayman, but he also was responsible for Beyond Good & Evil as well. He now has a new studio called Wild Sheep, and he showed some more new details of Wild, which was already presented during last year’s Gamescom, dubbing it as an online survival game.

We now know more details: we’re taken back in time by ten thousand years, where we can play as either a human or animal in a nicely done and constantly changing environment. There is nothing scripted, everyone writes their own story, and we can change into several animals as a shaman, like a bird, a rabbit, a sheep, a horse, you name it. You can also call for a bear to ride that animal to move around faster, as well as using him as a deadly weapon – seeing how the bear can kill enemies quite ruthlessly, he’s more than a mount!

This concept is quite interesting, but Ancel’s game has no release date seeing how it’s in early development. Hopefully towards the end of 2016, it will be launched. We are trusting this French guy, who should be working on that Beyond Good & Evil sequel as well!

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