Just Cause 3: Big issues with the PS4 port?

Avalanche StudiosJust Cause 3 is going to launch on December 1 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, but some players were able to pick up copies of the game earlier than the street date. Reports say that Rico’s latest stories have huge issues on the PlayStation 4Just Cause 3 is bleeding from several orifices. So, what exactly are the problems with the game?

First off, there are some huge loading times. It might load anywhere between 30 and 120 seconds. No joke, you might have to wait for two entire minutes, if you die and have to reload the game! That’s going to be a huge annoyance if these reports are going to be proven true.

That’s just one thing; the other big problem is the framerate. It’s barely able to stay on thirty frames per second, and it’s dropping every time there’s an explosion – and seeing how explosions are traditional in Just Cause games, it’s going to be noticeable.

Apparently this is present despite installing a day-1 patch. If these are both going to be proven true, it’s going to be a huge failure for Avalanche!

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