GTA Online is expanding further: want to be a Godfather? [VIDEO]

Grand Theft Auto Online is continuously receiving updates despite GTA V having been out for several months on the PlayStation 4/Xbox One/PC triumvirate. This, of course, deserves a pat on Rockstar‘s back. The new update is going to bring Executives and Other Criminals for us. What does this pack contain?

In it, we will have „opportunities for luxury living” – no joke, there’s going to be a Super Yacht available with its very own missile defense system! If you want to create your personal crime organization, you can do so: you can hire and fire other players, who will do the dirty work for us if we pay them properly. They will also receive stat boosts, RPs, and GTA$ as well. Freemode gets several updates too: we will get several ways to defend ourselves (for example, an armored limousine will be available), but that Super Yacht can also be upgraded with a SuperVolito Carbon helicopter.

Executives and Other Criminals are promising – it’s going to drop on the previously mentioned three platforms in just mere days; launch day is December 15.

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