DICE – A new Battlefield game is in the works

DICE was working on two games separately until the middle of November: aside from Star Wars Battlefront, they were also focusing on Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, which eventually got delayed back to May. However, Battlefront is now done. The free resources can start developing something new. We know what it is going to be.

Battlefield 4 was released at the end of 2013, but the following Battlefield game (Hardline) wasn’t made by DICE, but Visceral instead. Meanwhile, the Swedish team started development of Star Wars Battlefront. Now, Dan Vaderlind, DICE‘s development director talked about the next game on his Twitter profile.

It can be taken as an official announcement – if we are lucky, we might see this game by the end of 2016 although we have no idea about this game’s setting yet. Maybe it will be futuristic, maybe not. Maybe it won’t be called Battlefield 5. Who knows? After Star Wars Battlefront, it wouldn’t be that much of a surprise, though. Better focus on Mirror’s Edge now.

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  1. Rachel Fenton says:

    I hope it will be a realistic (nowday) shooter, not a new futuristic game

  2. Andrew Litherland says:

    Hope it’s a Battlefield Bad Company,i miss Sweetwater and Co.

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