Are more PS2 games approaching the PS4 soon?

The North American ESRB still doesn’t stop rating the audiovisual products, even if the holidays are just mere hours away now. They rated a few PlayStation 2-titles – these are obviously meant to head to the PlayStation 4 with upscaled graphics and trophies. What games are these?

Ape Escape 3, Okage: Shadow King, Primal, Siren and Wild Arms 3. We think Siren and Primal are very nice additions to the ever growing library. We don’t know when these games are going to be available on the PlayStation Store, but it’s very much possible to see them arrive in the first week of January.

There’s a slight chance that they can drop next week, but it wouldn’t make much sense. Meanwhile, the European PS Store got another PS2 title, namely FantaVision. It costs 10 euros and takes 1.3 gigabytes on your hard drive.

It’s disappointing to see the players who own their physical PS2-collection robbed of playing them on a newer console – disc-based games and PS2 Classics are not supported in the emulation.

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