PlayStation Plus: When will we get to know the January line-up?

PlayStation Plus is currently in an awful situation – we cannot ignore this fact. Sure, Sony gave us some decent games on the PlayStation 4, but most of the line-ups were just average at best, especially in the previous few months. Remember, December gave us King’s Quest… or at least, its first chapter. That’s weak. Still, we have to ask: when will Sony reveal what the subscribers can pick up in January?

Fred Dutton, the European PlayStation Blog boss, said that it’s most likely going to happen. That makes sense; you can’t expect Sony to announce these games during the Christmas days, but don’t wait with the announcement until January 2 or something!

Let’s hope that Sony can pull a surprise move off. Like giving us Far Cry 4. Or something of that caliber. It’s important because Microsoft is slowly improving the Xbox One, which can now play Xbox 360 games as well. The subscribers need to get something good out of the deal for their money outside playing multiplayer on the PS4.

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