Sony: There are problems with creating new PSN accounts!

Maybe some of our readers found a brand new PlayStation 4 under their Christmas trees nicely wrapped up in a box. However, to be able to use fully the console – like playing online -, you must create a new PlayStation Network account. That is the problem currently – Sony admitted that creating new PSN accounts are troublesome at the moment.

It’s been two days since it was first reported. Without a PSN profile, you cannot even get online and play against others, of course, it depends on the game as well. (It can still destroy the ambience and the gameplay experience, though.) What exactly is the problem? Sony confirmed that sending verification emails were not always working right now. In case you want to reset your password, you are also affected: these e-mails are also seemingly stuck in the middle of nowhere.

It’s not that big of a deal, though – remember last year: a year ago, both PlayStation Network and Xbox Live got attacked a hacker squad, making both unavailable for several hours. This is something much easier to fix and repair.

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