Kid gets a PlayStation 4, finds something else in the box!

As little children, many of us were eagerly waiting for Christmas, hoping to find awesome gifts under the Christmas tree. This is the case with a 9-year-old kid Scott Lundy. The American child was excited to see a PlayStation 4 box under the tree, but sadly, he was quickly turning towards disappointment.

The box didn’t have Sony‘s current-gen console. Instead, it contained a somewhat nicely crafted piece of wood (after all, it has a sanding job done to it), which has a male sexual organ drawn on it. The box also had pictures of it with a message „From cock and balls with love”. Sure, you might say that it’s a Christmas prank – however, it isn’t.

Fortunately, Target – where the „PS4” was bought – quickly reacted to this event. They not only handed out a replacement (and real) console, they also gave a 100-dollar gift card and a copy of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection to the Lundy family.

The story got a happy ending. Let’s hope nobody else will have to live through such a nasty prank – or theft? – like this. But why is the PS4‘s console all white? We never saw anything like it.

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  1. LOL! It made my day happy! “And the very new dealer of PlayStation4 is the resurrected Bricostore!”

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