World of Final Fantasy – Chibi warriors

PREVIEW-A new spin-off will be added to the JRPG world in 2016, this time exclusively to PlayStation 4, and to the VITA. The game is packed full of every FF character after they have been downsized. The well-known characters are coated with a paint of chibi cuteness, which is aimed at the kids who did not go near the series. This way the younger generations might start to love Final Fantasy.


Not many games can be said that have as many spin-offs and sequels as the Final Fantasy series that debuted in 1987. The primary game’s formula was tweaked by the spin-off, tactical versions, MMO games, racing games, TPS, fighting, and rhythm games (not to mention the anime). The series has produced fifteen main games, and 26 spin-offs (that’s including the HD remakes and companion apps), plus there were also crossovers.

The large world needed a sort of compression for those who wanted to hit the hardcore JRPG world but were afraid to try out the FF universe. World of Final Fantasy is a quick glance into the FF universe.

So lovely!

The newest feature of World of Final Fantasy is that the characters have been chi bifid. This new feature is needed as the gameplay requires our characters to switch sizes between normal and chibi form. So this feature is not only there for fun but is an important part of the gameplay.

Square Enix promises photorealistic graphics, which seeing the game pictures seems pretty correct. The characters look fantastic, and the environments are beautiful – standard now in FF – and matches perfectly to the base game.


The gameplay is the same – well mostly – and this throws the new players back to the past a bit, as World of Final Fantasy uses the basics from before FF X. This simplicity allows the program to be more accessible for the younger generations according to Square Enix. That means that no features beyond FF X have been added to the game.

The turn based combat is now done with chibi characters that are infinitely cute. So much that the hardcore JRPG fans might not like this overdoes of cuteness, and I do not recommend them this game (unless they want to get killed by sugar).


World of Final Fantasy might be an interesting product of 2016 that aims the younger demographics. Hard-core fans might not like it, but they still might enjoy it since it takes place in the FF universe. The only sad thing about the product itself is that it is aimed at such a demographic. Cuteness is great, and all but if they simplify the game down to a barebones product (ala Battlefront 2015), nobody will want it. Let us hope that we’re wrong and are getting a complex product out the door.


Might be interesting:

+ A new FF spin-off
+ Beautiful visuals
+ Great gameplay

Could go sour:

– Too sweet
– Might be too dumbed down
– Too much focus on the younger generation

Publisher: Square Enix

Developer: Square Enix

Genre: RPG

Relase date: 2016

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