Hitman preorders on PS4? They’re all cancelled!

IO Interactive‘s child – or hired agent – Agent 47 is approaching the triumvirate of PlayStation 4/Xbox One/PC. Square Enix revealed the new Hitman game on the E3 with a December 2015 release date, but the alpha code of the game had a very sub-par framerate. Therefore, it made sense to delay the game to have this fixed and not release a choppy mess.

While the release date is still tentatively set to March 11, Square Enix surprisingly pulled all pre-orders for PlayStation 4 owners, as „the configuration of the product has changed significantly.” We don’t know any new details about it yet but there’s a chance that the episodic layout is dropped behind the scenes, and the game will launch in full format. As the Hitman Twitter profile states, some changes are happening, and an update is going to be submitted about the situation in the next few days.

Let’s hope the game won’t get a disappointing turn of events. Otherwise we will have to get our piano wires out… because Agent 47 doesn’t deserve disappointment!


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