Bungie: Pay for ammo!

Bungie‘s Destiny brought in microtransactions in October. Due to them, we can now buy an in-game currency (Silver) for real money. The developers will very likely continue this route shortly if we can believe the rumors. However, since it’s coming from the same source that said House of Wolves would have no raids and that microtransactions would be included, we shouldn’t bury this rumour that quickly.

There’s a chance that the purple ammo packs will be able to be purchased by real money. This will have an effect on gameplay as this would not require that much play/grind and just cough up a few dollars/euros to take a shortcut.

This isn’t going to be taken softly by the players while it does suit Activision’s money hungry mentality. We don’t know when Bungie will put this microtransaction into the game yet, but it can happen in just mere weeks.

Is this money needed for further development? We’re going to see how this affects the gameplay shortly. Pay to shoot, seriously?

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